our vision

Web3 x Metaverse.

Founded in May 2022, Yae Labs is a Web3 x Metaverse x Anime startup based in Japan. We aim to create a future where people can economically live in an anime x metaverse by utilizing blockchain technology that will materialize the era of Web3.

In July 2022, we completed a seed funding using J-KISS (Japanese version of Keep It Simple Security), totaling 23 million yen from Skyland Ventures and other investors. The funds raised as a seed round will be used for development and recruitment of human resources, in order to fully engage in the initial business after the company’s establishment in the rapidly growing areas such as Web3 and Metaverse, where overwhelming technological, development, and speed capabilities are required.

company profile

NameYae Labs, Inc.
CEOYoshiki Kono
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